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You can order any issue #57 - #119 in PDF from here (also issues #1, #6, #7, #8, #10, #11, #16, #17 and #31) - just specify which issue(s) you want in the message. Issues #35 through #56 are also available in pdf, but for $7.50 as these issues have 68 pages and are out of print in the original - the reprints are costly. Check our home page for newer issues, and back issues page for older ones. These work fine on Barnes & Nobel's Nook, and should work well on ANY portable device that can play a PDF (which they all ought to do). Starting with #93 we had 4 extra pages of reviews in the digital editions through #103! iPad, Android, iPhone! Starting with issue #96, many more of the photos are in color in all the digital editions! The project of digitizing the back issues in ongoing and we may have at least started it, or be willing to do it next if you want to buy it!

Blue Suede News #119 has a cover story on the unabashedly retro Canadian/New Zealander singer songwriter Tami Neilson, a story (Part 2) on the last 10 years of Rockabilly Pioneer Gene Vincent's career, An interview with Bill Haley Jr. on his new book about his dad, and one with Billy Vera about his book and new CD, A reminiscence and short interview with the late Jef Jaisun, longtime occasional BSN contributor and "Keeping The Bues Alive" honoree, and an interview with Homer Gilleland, Elvis Presley's barber, and another reminiscence about opening for and backing Chuck Berry by band leader Tommy C, show reviews of The Time Jumpers (with photo and story), John Prine, Keb' Mo' (photo), Taj Mahal, plus regular features Thrift Store Scores, Killer Bees and Tidbit Jukebox are also here along with our extensive reviews section covering Books, DVDs, CDs and Vinyl!

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If you'd like this issue e-mailed to you in PDF version (or any issue from #57 - #119, plus #1, #11, #30, #31), which you can read on your computer or portable tablet device, smart phone WHATEVER - even blow up the type twice as big on your screen, you can pay us $4.00 Paypal for delivery via e-mail ANYWHERE in the world! All issues from #69 to the current issue are available this way. PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ISSUE IT IS YOU WANT US TO SEND if it's not the one you see in the picture. Files are generally in the 3.9 - 5 megabyte range (about the same size as an mp3) - so you need a high speed connection to download them in a reasonable time. We can also send them on a disc for an extra charge. Inquire if that's what you need, and we'll send a Paypal invoice for the disc version.

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