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Blue Suede News covers the entire spectrum of American Roots Music,
from '50 s Rock'n'Roll styles - Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues
to Country, Blues, Cajun & Zydeco, Swing and
you-name-it hybrids. Basically, anything we like.
We're Quarterly, with 52 pages each issue
(issues 32 thru 55 had 68 pages - #56 has 60 pages)

We're interested both in the pioneers of American Roots music
and also in contemporary artists who are carrying on these traditions
with a strong sense of those roots. While there are some other
magazines that cover one area of this subject such as Blues or Bluegrass,
none other covers the whole spectrum in the way we do.

We have feature articles on and interviews with musicians,
photos, reports from various scenes - including color photo layouts each issue -
and a massive review section covering books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl,

and occassionally other products relating to music.

We review around 100 CD/DVD/Book titles in each issue!
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We receive many letters from readers who appreciate that our reviews are informative, trying to stroke neither artists' nor the writers' egos.

We try to get to the heart of the matter--why someone would want to own the product--rather than making too many value judgements.

More than 25 Years in publication!!!
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Issue #103 has a cover story on Phil Everly, who passed away earlier this year. The digital editions have an extra page to the story, about the Cadence years of the Everly Brothers, which had been covered in issue #29 and was deleted from the print edition of #103 for space reasons. Another feature is on early '60s rocker Chris Montez, who influenced the jacket style of the Beatles! We also have a story on Pete Anderson - not the one who produced and played with Dwight Yoakam, but the Latvian one who was the first rocker behind the Iron Curtain, and who is still out there with one of his best bands ever. We have a story on Justin Tubb, and one on singer/songwriter Paul Evans. We also have a pictorial with story on the latest Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. Our photo layouts include the Ray Campi's 80th Birthday (which featured Rip Masters, Buzz Campbell, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, Jimmie Lee Maslon, John Bazz and others, the local Seattle Scene plus a couple pictures from a benefit in Burbank for musician Bob Gothar which featured BSN cover artists James Intveld and Rosie Flores as well as Russell Scott and Karling Abbeygate. And of course our usual features the Tidbit Jukebox, Original Versions and our extensive reviews section! AND our digital edition this time has 4 MORE pages than the print edition!!!

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